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Water pollution

The Yamaska ​​River faces major challenges in restoring good water quality. Several human activities, including agricultural and industrial production, land erosion and wastewater discharges from neighboring municipalities affect the quality of its water.

marine habitat

The fauna and flora of the Yamaska ​​rivers require a quality environment. Unfortunately, in addition to human activities, invasive species are gaining ground on these fragile habitats. Find out with us how we can help make it a healthy river again.


Since 2018, OBV Yamaska ​​has offered popular science workshops on water science to students in grade 6 and secondary 1 and 2 in schools in the region. These workshops are those of I adopt a water course of the group of education and eco-monitoring of water.

The history of OBV-Yamaska

The COGEBY (today OBV Yamaska) owes its formation to various stakeholders including the Regional Environmental Council of Montérégie (CREM).

This new organization will have the mandate to improve the water quality of the Yamaska.

During the fall of 1999, other motivated people joined, thus consolidating the provisional committee.

Discover the challenges of the Yamaska

Watch these video capsules produced by the OBV to learn more about each of the issues facing our river.

How do we contribute?

The Another Land Nearby team and a group of people motivated to bring about change are working with OBV-Yamaska ​​to help the experts.

We are committed to offering time to counter various issues and to raise public awareness of them.

Sign up for our volunteer directory to learn about OBV's needs and how you can contribute.

The OBV team

Dynamic people who put their values ​​forward in order to bring about change and improve the quality of waterways in Haute-Yamaska.


Questions and answers

  • How can I contribute?

    First of all, thank you very much for your interest. The Another Land Nearby team offers the opportunity to sign up to a list of people interested in volunteering their time. We are in constant communication with L'OBV and will contact you when volunteers are needed to carry out a project.

    Also, talking about these issues and the magnificent NPOs to your friends and loved ones provides great support.