Our ecological values

Our contributions to the environment:

We act today, but we should have acted yesterday. It is high time to regroup and work in harmony with all living beings. Climate change is very real and the clothing industry, the second most polluting industry in the world, is far from worrying about its impact. Another Land Nearby wishes to bring together values ​​of union, respect, open-mindedness, human and environmental health by educating its existing clientele and that of the future who will join the troops and follow us towards a healthier and more harmonious land.


Every gesture counts! It is for this reason that Another Land Nearby offers each of its customers a label infused with flower seeds, edible herbs or vegetables depending on their month of the year.

This initiative aims to encourage action to give back to the environment, what we take from it. The simple act of planting a flower, a tree, a vegetable, etc. greatly helps in the reproduction of these and pollinating insects. All of our labels can be planted both indoors and outdoors, depending on the season.

Another Land Nearby is a project and an idea that relies on sincere people, and for individuals who wish to adopt an authentic lifestyle in accordance with their values.

Here, we don't follow trends that change every 2 weeks. We offer clothes with style, but which will survive passing trends. All the products we sell are made with respect for the environment, workers and your health.

Our packaging:

We believe that the packaging is as important as what's inside. That's why we take initiatives to recycle, reuse and compost whenever possible. We are doing everything we can to reduce our footprint and, by extension, that of our customers. We are talking here about our packaging and the accessories they contain that help us prepare our packages.


Maritime transport is, by far, the lowest in terms of greenhouse gases per ton of goods moved. So we will use it for very long distance transport. On the other hand, the truck is the carrier that has the most influence on our territory and it is used to distribute over the shortest distance as efficiently as possible.

The certifications that are important to us: GOTS

The GOTS organic textile standard is the world reference in terms of the evaluation of organic fibres . It integrates social and ecological aspects, based on independent certification of the entire supply chain.

A textile product with the "organic" GOTS label must contain at least 95% certified organic fibers while a product with the "composed of organic fibers" label must contain at least 70% certified organic fibers.

OEKO-TEX certified:

Control of harmful substances:

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification ensures the legal compliance of controlled textile products. It also certifies that a product awarded with the STANDARD 100 has been reliably tested for harmful substances. Quality assurance for the company On the basis of a catalog of scientifically based criteria and neutral laboratory tests, companies are supported in a targeted manner in the textile chain for the implementation of the product safety they wish to achieve from a human ecological point of view. Many companies use the certificate as proof of compliance with the required delivery conditions.

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