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Eco-friendly basics

Describes itself as essential. Our clothes are created to match, complement your style and allow you to express yourself through shared ecological values. You want your clothes to really represent you, take part in a new way of dressing, a better way of consuming.

It's the little details that count

We are transparent in our methods and we have several objectives facing the fashion industry. Whether by the manufacture, the materials used or even the style of the clothes.

Because caring about the environment shouldn't be boring. Dressing in ecologically beautiful clothes is a pride that is indisputable. We like to say that we are an ecological alternative to traditional clothing. Learn more HERE.

4050 recycled bottles

1836 trees planted

  • Our partners

    These allies are vital in our journey towards designing the garment of the future. We believe that the creation of a garment, according to our way of thinking, must take into account the different stages of its transformation: from the fiber to the arrival of the garment at your doorstep. A qualified factory that maintains high standards when it comes to its workers and the products produced there is a must. A local garment factory allows us to keep a minimal impact in our production cycle.

  • Responsible packaging?

    We believe that the packaging is as important as what's inside. That's why we take initiatives to recycle, reuse and compost whenever possible. We put everything in place to reduce our footprint and therefore that of our customers for the happiness of our planet.

  • Selection criteria when creating clothes

    One of the crucial steps for the creation of clothes at Another Land Nearby is the choice of fibers. It is one of the most important actions for the design of ecological and responsible clothing. This is why our choice fell on quality fibers with a low impact on the environment, namely certified organic cotton and bamboo.