Our history

Fashion and clothing are ingrained in our DNA. As enthusiasts, we have chosen to be positive and inspiring players at the heart of the clothing industry. Our values, rooted in environmental and human responsibility, were the driving force behind the creation of our company.


Your support has been incredible over the past three years. We work very hard to offer you the best products that follow our values. We work with amazing family-owned and local businesses who are juggling today's challenges, so we can continue ethical production locally.

It's always a pleasure to be able to meet you at events. You allow us to realize a childhood dream!

Makan and Danik

We took on the challenge of creating a society where fashion is not only aesthetic, but also becomes a vector of positive change. Our commitment to environmental sustainability shines through in every choice we make, from selecting eco-friendly materials to reducing our carbon footprint. On a human level, we are determined to promote ethical and fair working conditions, thus contributing to the development of each individual involved in our production chain.