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They will always be part of our lives

Why stop loving clothes since you can transform the traditional way of doing things and choose a garment that will meet your expectations in terms of the environment and absolute comfort complimented by a cut that will enhance you.

Our production

We collaborate with the best artisans and manufacturers in Quebec and Canada. We produce practical and comfortable clothes with impeccable construction to help men feel good in everyday life.

Makan Forand-Keita

Another Land Nearby is the achievement of a more respectful vision of the clothing industry for the environment. It is also a project through which I can express myself and find myself. When I worked for other companies in the clothing industry, I was not fully aware of the impact of a piece of clothing and its journey. Now, with a lot of research, information and discussion, I can say that the creation of our clothing brand and our arrival on the market was necessary. We want to provide men with high quality clothing that will enhance them and this, while respecting our strong convictions towards the environment.

Danik Roy

Another Land Nearby is the vision of a land where respect and acceptance of differences is put forward. It is a land where everyone is respected across the production line by having access to good working conditions, a good salary and the right to a life with dignity.

Another Land Nearby is for me a way to share a powerful message to all present and future generations that a better world awaits us. It's my way of combining my two passions, the environment and fashion. During my work experiences, I had to sell clothes of which I had no information, other than their compositions, cuts and colors. Now I know all about our clothes and I want to pass it on to you. Offering ecological and beautiful clothing was my dream, today I can say that it has come true!