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The impact of fast fashion

130 billion items of clothing are consumed worldwide each year. Fast-fashion has exploded the overconsumption of clothing among fashion enthusiasts since the 90s.

Most fashion trends last around a year, creating a cycle of consuming trendy items that don't last, and having to restock each season. This cycle is harmful to the planet, since manufacturers are constantly producing new products to stay abreast of trends. Among these products, the majority are not of quality. This leads to the hiring of labor working under more than unfavorable conditions.

How does Another Land Nearby counter this?

Good question! We found a way to make our products more sustainable; we use textiles that will make our clothes stay beautiful, longer. That being said, by buying our basics, you avoid consuming trendy clothes that will only last you a few seasons. Our products are timeless, so you will be able to wear them for years to come.

Moreover, all our clothes are made from eco-responsible textiles, and are made by local workers with good working conditions.

Choose wisely which businesses you support - the planet is counting on you.

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