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Eco-responsible fashion is coming to Montreal

We recently chose to expand our target audience and sell our clothes in the Neon Boutique, a clothing company with several different brands in order to offer a wide variety of styles to their customers! This is a great opportunity for us to sell our clothes to Montrealers, a stylish audience on the lookout for trends.

We are fortunate that the fashion sector in Quebec is made up of a diverse and impressive range of companies, including the four main pillars, including designers, manufacturers and garment workshops, wholesalers-distributors and agents, and retailers. .

More importantly, Montreal is recognized as the most important city in Canada for the fashion industry, even ahead of Toronto and Vancouver! Despite the challenges that fashion companies must overcome, as well as being strongly affected by globalization, the difficult workforce to recruit and the change in consumption after the pandemic, Montreal fashion still managed to experience a strong growth thanks to the creativity of our small and medium-sized enterprises.

This is why we have chosen to adapt our strategies to include Montreal as one of our points of sale. It's time for eco-responsible fashion to explode in Montreal, and it's Another Land Nearby that will shake things up.

Have you had the chance to visit the store? Check out our collection at Neon now!

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